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Learn how to cultivate easeful intuition, commit to powerful daily habits and tend to the roots of what is holding you back. Allow for the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga, infused with modern science and context - to radically change your life. 

Niv’s programs are designed to take you deeper within yourself, help you embody timeless and powerful wisdom, and open your awareness to a more gentler and authentic way of being. 

They are specifically curated for students and clients feeling the deep calling for transformation and level up, one that is rooted in an ethics of compassion, love and collective care. The modalities shared cover diet/nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, meditations, self-inquiry, ethical reflections and spiritual practice. 

There is currently one signature pathway available for you; the EMBODIED Ayurveda Mentorship. This is a 3 month certification course that INCLUDES Inner Alignment 1:1 coaching as well as Mūla Circle modalities. No other program out there helps you to simultaneously level-up your personal wellbeing while also equips you with the wisdom, skills and confidence to show up for your community with actual holistic counseling tools.

Group Coaching

Imagine you had a step-by-step roadmap that helped you radically transform the ways in which you showed up for yourself. 
Imagine you could receive this within a safe and inclusive space of intentional, wise and ambitious Mūla members. A global community that holds you accountable in your health journey and is simultaneously leveling up with you. A space held by a mentor that delivers tools to you with power and authenticity. One you know you can trust?
Mūla Circle is an intimate container in which we meet eight times as a small group. We commit ourselves to leading lives with deep confidence, integrity and full love and learn the actual DAILY steps and tools to do that. We release stagnant energy, misguided habits and old un-serving patterns. 

You have access to 1:1 check-ins with me throughout the program; so that the transmission of self-motivated healing codes can express themselves within you with more consistency and clarity.

Next group: Infused into EMBODIED Ayurveda Mentorship. Scroll down for more information.

EMBODIED ayurveda

1:1 Mentorship

Are you a self-motivated creative, leader or entrepreneur looking to finally give the same attention you've given to your career - now to your health, mind, soul, fitness and performance? Are you ready for deeper joy and ease?

In my 1:1 Inner Alignment mentorship; we will cover how your unique bio-energetics can be optimized to serve your highest purpose. Why you're more prone to certain dis-ease conditions and how to cure them at the roots. Insights on what transcending long-term issues of mental exhaustion, fluctuations, gut imbalance and chronic pain looks like. The integrated mind-body [diet lifestyle, spiritual and herbal] tools and teachings I coach you through over 12 multi-modal sessions; will completely shift your understanding of YOU.

​You will receive a clear blueprint of your whole self and guidance on how to move through this world with deeper integrity and harmonious rhythm. These principles and embodied practices will stay with you for life.

Fee: $2,799 


EMBODIED Ayurveda Mentorship

By joining the EMBODIED Ayurveda Mentorship you are receiving all the tools and knowledge that I have been using to live my truth. You are receiving all the foundational knowledge to be an Ayurvedic Health Coach YOURSELF.

EMBODIED Ayurveda Mentorship is right for you when:

You are ready to dive into the fundamentals of an ancient holistic life-science that understands your bio-energetic blueprint, the laws of nature, and how you can optimize them both to live your highest truth.

There is excitement within the cells to transcend limiting notions of physical and mental health, healing, Western ideologies and drop into deeper medicine and science. 

You are willing to devote yourself to the expansion and evolution of you and release outdated notions around food, eating, environment and lifestyle. 

You feel called to show-up for community with these deeper truths and upgrade your professional, personal and community practices and care with timeless wisdom. 

You feel called to receive the blessings of Yoga and Ayurveda, tune into the subtler aspects of existence and share your gifts to this world with deeper clarity and coherence. 

Dive into the history, principles, physiology, psychology, nutrition and life science of Ayurveda. Learn daily, seasonal and lifelong protocols. Not only for your own preventative and self-care, but also to be able to show up for loved ones, students and clients with greater insight and confidence. Infuse Ayurvedic practices into your already established therapy and health business.

Avoid the wasted costs, time and energy that comes with institutionalized programs. Tap into the power of having a mentor that you can more intimately connect with, is actually experienced in TEACHING students from various cultures and backgrounds, and is honestly embedded in the wisdom. And most importantly, be guided into the EMBODIED practice of Ayurveda.

Schedule a call to learn the scope of your practice as a certified Ayurvedic Coach.

This program INCLUDES Mūla Circle group coaching and 1:1 Inner Alignment Mentorship. There is no other program out there that offers you personalized clinical holistic healing and coaching as well as technical training.

Only 12 seats available. Groups might be divided into two to accomodate time zones.

Fee: 5,800 USD
Payment Plans  Available
1 scholarship Available