It’s never been a better time to be a professional health coach.

We are living in sick times right now.

People are looking for INFORMED support, for guidance. They are looking for someone to cut through the industry noise and give them tangible tools to live a more easeful and vital life. 

And because of that, the alternative health space is booming and we NEED more ethical, wise and compassionate practitioners!!

As a professional Ayurvedic Health Coach, you can help people by providing them with nuanced insight into their unique blueprint and how to optimize this through nutritional, lifestyle and herbal choices ... and you can make a lucrative income doing it.

This 6 Month Certification is an opportunity to mentor closely with Niv, deepen your Ayurvedic knowledge and learn how to embody and share this divine wisdom professionally.

With your Ayurveda Certification you can:

Create a thriving wellness practice (if that’s what you want)

Add it as an offering to your coaching/therapy business

Or create a side hustle with extra income if you’re not ready to do it full time

The doors to this program are opening in March 2024. There are limited spots available due to the high level of mentorship in the program.

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Through my EMBODIED Ayurveda program you'll become a certified Ayurvedic Health Coach and learn how to show up as a confident and coherent go-to holistic health guide for your community. 

This program is open to those who are ready to completely upgrade their health and wellness practices: personally and professionally. 

If you're interested in mentoring with me in this high-level, intimate and comprehensive program join the waitlist now.

What past students are saying

"Niv's teachings of Ayurveda came straight from her heart to mine - it never felt like an ordinary lecture. The way she was able to speak with such poise and grace about the more technical concepts made learning such an intentional experience. The true lesson was in the embodiment of Ayurvedic wisdom. That’s a major lesson I have taken away from this experience and one that has truly transformed my life." Tahnee Carter | Broome, Australia

"I felt enabled in this program. It was really the first time in my life I felt guided and led to determine my own destiny, while also feeling free from pressures to achieve any type of perfection. There is so much richness in this course and the knowledge was shared in a way that was both tender and passionate. I feel empowered." Michelle Johnson | Brooklyn, USA

"The gift of receiving Niv's intimate and personal guidance, truth and grace is absolutely priceless. This is hard to find." - Tess D | Koh Tao, Thailand

"Niv set the tone for each meeting and the entire course beautifully and always showed up in rawness and truth. She invited us to do the same without judgement, always. I’m forever grateful for the realizations and learning I was able to have in the container with the help of her guidance. Also, how to use this massive plethora of wisdom and experiences to help other people get closer to themselves and achieve their personal health goals. The gift of feeling more confident in being able to share with the world in a way that heals and nurtures. If you are ready to challenge yourself, help others and elevate - this is for you." - Kat Merritt | Los Angeles, USA

"Just a few weeks in, and I'm mindblown. I get it, this is Niv's assignment here and I am just beyond grateful for this opportunity to learn and receive from her." - Elfleda Utiaruk | Bay Area, USA

Thank You!

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