About Me


Your Health Compass is an invitation to elevate into higher energetic and joyful alignment. If you’re truly ready for a life of more ease, magnetism and attunement, you are in the right place.


Your Health Compass is unlike any other platform out there. Why? Because it is cradled in ancient and divine medicine, ethics and philosophy: all at once. This work is about truth-telling, courage and leadership as much as it is about healing and medicine. In my containers, we bring this together as one seamless whole: acknowledging your unique and complex needs and story. 

What this is NOT: quick fix hacks, new age dietary protocols, isolated physical or mental tools, ego fueling sessions, something I made up.
In my own personal healing journey, navigating chronic uneasiness while always dreaming for more: I tried almost everything. It was only once I began to integrate ancient Ayurvedic and Yogic wisdom in consistent, gentle and loving ways did I experience breakthroughs. Sustained, effective and radical transformations. Arriving to brilliant and healthy expressions of me, so that I could show up with the type of grace and clarity that is so needed in this world right now. Purpose, revelations and new worlds unlocked. I have also witnessed these subtle, psychic, material and potent transformations in the hundreds of students and clients that I have mentored, facilitated and coached. 

You get to move swiftly and seamlessly into the Truth of you here.

This medicine works, because it activates your own innate healing mechanisms. And there is nothing more powerful than that. 

There is no better time than now to be rested in your divine purpose and health. It is my absolute honor to meet you in your devotion.

Choose your GIFT

"Niv is such a gift. She carries so much practical knowledge on how we can improve our connection with our bodies, our earth and our overall wellbeing. Through simple and easy shifts, I was able to apply time-tested Ayurvedic tools that have helped me move through the day with more compassion and awareness to my dietary and other needs. I love how Niv can make everyone feel welcome in the spaces she cultivates, and I'm inspired by the generous way she offers guidance. Thank you Niv!"


"I had the opportunity to share with Niv for a couple of months and this definitely changed my life, not only for having generated a beautiful friendship, but also because her energy, her vibrations and her knowledge in practices for the well-being of humans hooked me so much that I actually started practicing on a daily basis thanks to her. These techniques helped me to make important decisions and be at peace with myself and others around me. Niv has definitely been a teacher of life, I feel deep admiration for this beautiful woman and I believe that her education, her ancestral code, her constant practice, her self-love, her social skills, is the perfect sum to contribute positive things to the world."

Alejandra G., Veracruz, Mexico

"It is incredible how Niv can land and share the knowledge that she has so that mortals like me can understand and practice it. I love the way in which she gives workshops or therapies, because she not only informs and educates, but also connects with people on a more intimate level that makes the whole experience unique and unforgettable."

Daniel Agudelo, Sydney, Australia

"It is pretty amazing how Niv picked up on so much from me within just a few minutes of talking. She is so perceptive and drew out deeply embedded tendencies and patterns that were so important for me to acknowledge and embrace. Her approach feels unique and so wholesome. I have more insight and tools and I am grateful for that."

Frankie Pierre, Nice, France

"These past 10 days have been quite a growth - thanks to Niv.
Quitting weed and her class could not have been a better pair; I am so thankful for the timing of her class. The teachings have helped me to move through intense emotions with healthier coping mechanisms. I feel so much better."

Nisa, Oakland, USA

"Niv made me feel seen and comfortable enough to share my issues like insomnia, anxiety, depression and even bathroom problems. Getting to the root of the issues, she offered me tools and solutions that I still return to now. Thank you Niv, my healer."

Ji Hyeon Lim, Seoul, South Korea

"I worked with Niv to help me balance recurring issues within my joints and mood. I had no idea what was triggering those imbalances. Now everything is in order and I know what to do when things start to feel off! Plus she is a great human being! "

Edoardo Zattarin, Milan, Italy

"Woah so much knowledge! I did not expect to receive so much in just one session. I felt so much more insightful about ME after just one deep dive, its pretty incredible actually. Thank you Niv."

Macy Clayton, Brighton, UK

"Niv teaches with such warmth and empathy, while also maintaining a keen eye for small adjustments that make a huge difference in your practice... truly a wealth of knowledge."

Jane Maguire, Pittsburg, USA

"I loved meeting Niv. She has such such a serene presence about her, I immediately felt so comfortable. I appreciated all her recommendations and have felt their positive and transformative expressions in me already.

Thank you Niv, for seeing me, hearing me and validating my journey."

Lisa Hill, Virginia, USA


I deeply believe it is thought leaders, artists and visionaries who can make the most impactful and necessary shifts in our world today. Unfortunately, you are often not supported and cared for in the ways that you need. It takes A LOT to show up with ethics and courage in our world today. Which means it takes EXTRA to refuel your tank.

I am here to remind you and guide you: you are worthy of it all. 

Of feeling deeply connected to your spirit. Of feeling sustained energy, aliveness and confidence in your being. Of cultivating tenderness and whole-bodied wellness. Of releasing chronic pain and toxic coping mechanisms. 

You are worthy of the same care that you share with the world.
I demand that you DO NOT SETTLE. Do not settle for: A life of crisis management, disconnect and burnout. A life of anxiety and overwhelm. A life of absence to the incredible subtleties of your own being. A life of misguided efforts. 

You are reading this because you are ready to show up for yourself. Invest in the truest expression of you. Build your intuition and resilience from the inside out. You are ready to receive these tools and teachings from a mentor whom you resonate strongly with. Who has moved through it all and is actually rooted in the land of these ancient teachings. Who gives equal value to collective care and self-care. Who is truly and authentically here for you.

Let’s get started