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Cultivate easeful intuition, devote to self-mastery and tap into the ancient wisdom of your DNA. Allow for the divine nectar of AUTHENTIC Ayurveda and Yoga to radically change your life. Be here in this body with presence, clarity and true pleasure.

Niv’s programs are designed to take you deeper within yourself, awaken your innate timeless and powerful wisdom, and shift you towards a more gentler and authentic way of being. 

They are specifically curated for women who are feeling the deep calling for transformation and level up, one that is rooted in an ethics of compassion, love and collective care. Ayurveda is all encompassing and unparalleled in its ability to hold all of you. At its bare minimum it is an initiation into diet/nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, meditations, self-inquiry, ethical reflections, archetypes and spiritual practice best suited for your UNIQUE mind-body-spirit to shine. When you work with me, however, we ALSO enter into the deeper divine principles that help unlock the Truth of you.

If you are ready to devote to self-mastery, learn the intricacies of your inner-ecology and help raise the collective - you are in the right place.

EMBODIED Ayurveda Codes

You were selected to do the work because your ancestors knew you could.

Rising to the occasion of investing this level of presence, accountability and DEVOTION to YOURSELF is when the magic happens. 

You are worthy of your own medicine. You are worthy of living life gently and easefully. You are worthy of witnessing yourself whole. It is time to radically purify and transform your own energy field so that you can help usher in a world of renewed vitality and vibrancy: internally and externally. 

EMBODIED Ayurveda Codes is a 12 week gift from me to you, I offer you high-level, effective and authentic clinical Ayurvedic integrations, activations and inquiries suited for your unique blueprint. We work across all realms: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This program is designed to bring you into the seat of your own power - so that you can show up with deeper integrity, clarity and grace in all aspects of your life. 

You receive 12 60 minute 1:1 sessions with me, personal access to me via Whatsapp through the 12 weeks + additional resources and guides as needed to assist in your sustained expansion. Let the world witness you in your Truth.

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EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification

There is a deep longing in your cells to transcend outdated, distorted and limiting notions around health and healing. You know you're here to break karmic cycles, to guide the collective into higher states of feeling and being, and to curate a prosperous life of deep purpose and fulfillment.

You are ready to devote to the divine life science of Ayurveda: personally and professionally. Embody love in all its intelligent forms.

There are so many coaches in the field, and you are ready to take your career to the next level. Your medicine infused with Ayurveda is needed. 

You are ready to elevate and show up in bold leadership.

My high-level, intimate and transformational certification program is for you.

I take you on as a beloved apprentice for 6 (+) whole months, and equip you with all the skills needed to show up as a professional Ayurvedic Health Coach.

Limited seats due to the high-level of mentorship through this program.

Waitlist open now.


What some of my Soulmate Clients and Students say

"I came to Niv with hopes of tending to chronic IBS symptoms that no doctors out here could help me with. Not only did Niv help bring so much lightness and ease to my gut and body (that I had not experienced in years), but also activated a type of courage, trust and light within me that EVERYONE notices. I was drawn to Niv because of her energy, it just felt so real and authentic. I hadn't invested in my health in this way before so I will say I was skeptical. But I am so glad my first experience was with Niv because it was truly life changing on so many levels." - Jahque Bryan Goodman, USA

"Niv is an absolute gem. Niv’s teachings and powerful space holding abilities create the perfect place to transform and reveal us to new aspects of ourselves." - Kat Merritt, USA

"I have felt reconnected to myself in a way I haven't allowed myself to be previously. Niv's practices and words are like a balm to your life; super gentle yet powerful ways of healing and approaching yourself with compassion. Her space is welcoming and warm, and her wisdom is deep. She is so able to receive and meet you where YOU are at in life. Working in community, this has been a real valuable resource in showing up for myself so I can show up more greatly for others." - Deepa Alam, Australia

"Working with Niv has just been a breath of fresh air because her teaching approach is really balanced: both with structure and flexibility based on the different needs of her students, personally I love that. I love that she's so authentic..simply a vessel for wisdom and for love." - Frances Smith, USA

"Thank you for being such an incredible, supportive guide on this journey Niv!! The way you've built and cultivated this space for us is such a beautiful gift for us and everyone it will ripple out to in the future. Eternally grateful!" - Tess D., Thailand

"Thank you for walking with me Niv, for sharing the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and mirroring the grace of God. Thank you for reminding me of my Truth. With all my heart, thank you." - Ellinor Grace, USA

"Your constant guidance and warmth have been truly an amazing experience and is still working within me, it has left its mark. I really wanted to thank you for this! It has opened so many new things for me, allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, realizing how gentle and warm other beings can be, thanks to your guidance and attitude." - Stephie Schramm, Germany

"Niv is an incredible teacher; she teaches something she truly believes in and resonates with which allows her to deliver her lessons in a way I am yet to experience from another teacher – full of knowledge, understanding, passion, compassion, gentleness, truth.
From the first conversation I had with Niv I was attracted by her energy and aura which she carried through the whole the course. !" - Luisa, UK

"Investing in my health in this way has been a GAME CHANGER. I had a bit of hesitation initially but I am so glad I did this, this level of movement and witnessing and cleansing is such a gift and so beyond worth it." -  Ipsita Chatterjee, USA

EMBODIED Ayurveda codes