You are ready to be an Ayurvedic Health Coach. 


Feel confidence and COMPETENCE in helping your clients attain extra-ordinary health results. get known for the transformative quality of your work. FEEL YOUR MOST VIBRANT aND VITAL SELF ALONGSIDE POWERFULLY GUIDING YOUR CLIENTS THROUGH DEEP HEALING.


I know that you want to stand-out as THE visionary coach or wellness leader within your community and become known for the effectiveness of your holistic and transformational results with your clients. 

In order to do that you need to be equipped AND INTEGRATED with a wellness modality that actually works 100% of the time, regardless of the circumstance you or any of your clients are experiencing. 

The problem is that you haven't found an all-in-one modality that is guaranteed to address the root cause of any symptom you and your clients experience, and that makes you feel secretly insecure about your ability to treat any client with confidence no matter what the mental, emotional, physical or energetic issue they have.

Here is the high-level, authentic and personalized Ayurvedic apprenticeship you've been looking for.

The EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program is an immersive and intimate 6 month training that certifies you as an Ayurvedic Health Coach.

I believe that it is simply not okay that you go to bed every night without fulfilling your dream to be THE sought out HEALER AND LEADER, only because you are still seeking the competence and confidence to help heal any chronic issue you come across.

YOU AREN'T YET WORKING WITH A MODALITY THAT TENDS TO THE MIND-BODY SYSTEM AS A WHOLE. And so your results have only be local and partial, which means you miss out on deep rooted and optimized transformation. I help you elevate your work with the most potent, comprehensive and ancient life-science known to mankind, guaranteed to bring relief to any chronic mental, emotional or physical disease or imbalance. From issues like exhaustion, self-doubt, anxiety and ADHD to pain, tension, insomnia and low immunity - you get to move your client through it all so much more intelligently and powerfully.


Maybe you’ve already completed a yoga teacher training, listened to all the wellness podcasts out there or even gotten a whole-ass masters degree in psychology and life-coaching…. So why aren’t you or your clients experiencing the life-long results you seek?

The answer is simple.

The difference between Ayurveda and any other healing tool or modality that exists is that Ayurveda treats your mind, body AND spirit as one unique whole, is completely natural AND tends to both the symptoms and root causes of disease simultaneously. 

This is why, once you have mastered the art of healing with Ayurveda you'll never have to question yourself again when you or your clients have a chronic problem, and instead you'll feel deeply confident in your ability to effectively support sustained healing.


Ayurveda isn’t a fad or a diet—it’s a way of life. Ayurveda takes a mind-body-spirit approach to your health, addressing the well-being of your “whole person” to help you live life to the fullest.

In the EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program, you’ll gain a timeless toolkit of proven practices for optimizing gut health, stress management, emotional stability and overall vitality. And then you’ll learn how to create a personalized and lifechanging health plan for ANYONE'S unique health context.

I understand what it's like to feel like you're a small fish in a saturated space of coaches and wellness professionals and have an overwhelming amount of new modalities and information that make you feel like there's always more to learn… Which one actually works? Which one is the BEST for you? 

I too spent years experimenting with different wellness modalities, but then everything changed when I devoted myself to these ancient healing principles that I believe every human should know. I was overworking, under-earning and feeling like an impostor because I had the same issues my clients did and I didn't know how to address them. Fast forward to today, I don’t experience exhaustion, confusion or imposter syndrome anymore, I have complete clarity around how to effectively navigate ANY type of uneasiness or blocks, I have a thriving practice that is in high demand because of the life-changing results my clients experience - and I can help you get there too. 

Ayurveda didn't just work for me, hundreds of  my students from across industry are testimony.

Because what truly sets Ayurveda apart is its ability to honor individuality. It empowers you to offer your unique brilliance and services in the most impactful way possible. As my students embrace this truth, they are able to show-up professionally with a whole new level of inner-knowing, skill and joy.

Here, listen to a graduate Jo, speak on why she chose this program and what to expect.




Before working with Niv I was unaware of how much fear was alive within me and how asleep I was to my own empowerment. The fear had manifested in ways that hardened me, and pushed me towards more masculine tendencies, closed, disconnected, away from softness, gentleness, and easfulness. I was fearful externally but also internally with myself.  Niv helped bring light and healing to these places I had neglected or thought were “fine”.  I now feel both strong and soft at the same time, trust in my inner voice and have released the harsh inner critic. With Niv, I knew I would feel comfortable enough to show all parts of myself and the most important ones that needed to be worked with. I now feel much more equipped and confident that I will be able to lead from a place I feel proud of - one that’s rooted in empathy, discernment, respect, and grace."

Jane Maguire
Behavioural Research Manager, USA

These months with Niv, spirituality & Ayurvedic wisdom have been nothing short of a life changing experience. My experience and understanding of health has transformed completely. I feel more at home within me at a soul level, there is a gentle hum & serenity at the core of my being, which doesn't go away, no matter what challenges I may face day to day. This has radically changed how I show up for my loved ones, community and clients. After working with Niv my whole system has been replenished... financially, energetically, emotionally, physically & spiritually. If you're considering stepping in with Niv & something is stirring in you, say YES... choose to receive this gift with an open heart. It will not only change your life, but ripple out to those within your community.“

Ellinor Grace
Spiritual and Creative Coach, USA

I am eternally thankful to Niv for gifting me with the presence of heart and mind in the everyday blessings of breath, food, and spirit. For the things that I can return to in simplicity and depth and clear reverence. Thank you for showing me that these things are always available to me in ancient knowledge and deep presence. I am so grateful for Ayurvedic teachings and for the channeling of those lessons through you. I think of the peace you instilled in our lessons, the openness of your heart in our teachings, and the passion of their fulfillment in your own life that you shared with us. This has changed the trajectory of my life and work. Thank you for helping me open my heart to these truths.”

 Michelle Johnson
 Researcher and Anthropologist, USA

So - HOW do we do it?


I help you heal any ongoing chronic issues that may be present in your own life, so you can experience the power of Ayurveda and from there, offer GUIDANCE to clients with integrity. you will have me ON SPEED DIAL for 16 WEEKS OF 1:1 COACHING SESSIONS, not just 'learning' theory, but EMBODYING ALL THE KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE ACQUIRED FROM PAST CERTIFICATIONS/STUDY ++ NEW AYURVEDIC WISDOM and results so you can step into your role as A GO-TO MENTOR with unwavering confidence, HEALTH and clarity.




LEARN how to powerfully and effectively helps your clients attain extraordinary health results. This is where I teach you nuanced Ayurvedic coaching skills that have helped my clients radically transform their health. LEARN HOW TO INFUSE YOUR DEEPER DISCERNMENT AND UNIQUE PERSONALITY/professional niche TO CREATE An UNMATCHED EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR CLIENTS.

This is my signature offer, the EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program, designed for you to STAND-OUT as the embodied visionary coach or mentor you know you are.  

This will work for you whether you’re just getting started out in your wellness journey or are a seasoned coach within your niche now craving high-level, authentic and personalized support. 

This is perfect for you if you know you’re a born leader with actual heart, are here to completely shake-up the current paradigms, and are ready to commit to unlearning deeply embedded outdated beliefs.

This program has been intentionally designed to help you embody this ancient wisdom, NOT JUST intellectually learn it. This is the only Ayurvedic certification in the world that teaches you this level of technical information alongside personally guiding you through your own emotional and physical wellbeing.




This is the last healing modality you will ever need.

You want to become an expert in the quickly growing niche of Ayurveda. From the spiritual student who is always finding new ways to deepen their health - to the wellness entrepreneur who is actively seeking to make a difference in the life of others. Niv meets you where you are at and helps you step into your leadership and purpose with deeper confidence.

Yoga teachers, fitness coaches and nutritionists! You want to serve your people with higher level health-care and see 10x results, 10x referrals and 10x prosperity. You are ready to stand out in your field with science that is timeless and impactful. You are READY to upgrade your professional skills, gain the nuanced training and healing wisdom to elevate the quality of your work and get known for your results.

Psychologists, researchers, spiritual leaders and caretakers! You believe in deep healing and are ready to boldly infuse your current modalities with traditional and holistic medicine. Become the radical and revolutionary wellness practitioner you know you are. Leave a legacy that is truly ahead of its times.

Health workers! It is time your voice stand out amidst the distortions and chaos of the wellness industry. Your work can uproot and heal our current paradigms, and serve as medicine for future generations as well. We need you to show up with medicine that is deep and lifechanging.

Visionary parents! You are ready to raise your children with radical care and nurturance. There is no science more comprehensive and nuanced than Ayurvedic lifestyle wisdom. You get to nourish your family with this ancient and intelligent immune nectar.



The EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program
is designed to help you elevate your work of
facilitating lasting health in your community.


Learn the integral foundations of the most systematic, comprehensive and timeless medicinal science known to mankind AND also receive high touch and transformative Ayurvedic coaching so that you can be an authority figure in this industry.

Transform your career with
Ayurvedic Self-Mastery.

Envision a you that has up-leveled your current professional practice with ancient scientific methods and systematic divine healing tools. Now you more purposefully and correctly coach your clients and students towards their optimal wellbeing. Clients cannot stop talking about you.

Envision a you that has upgraded your Yoga, Fitness and Medical Profession with authentic, comprehensive and high-level Ayurvedic teachings. Now you more powerfully enhance a student's healing capabilities and health transformations. People desire, seek and value your work.

Envision a you that has boldly invested in a high-touch Indian Ayurvedic mentor who trains and coaches you personally. Now your embodiment of vibrant health and self-mastery is unparalleled and you show up for your clients with deeper confidence, authority and integrity.
Your soul-aligned career brings in renewed prosperity.

Envision a you that lives in deep alignment with the wisdom and healing codes of your own body and the land. Now you magnetize professional opportunities that enable you to show up as the visionary wellness leader and guide that you know you are. You are living in divine purpose.

Envision a you that consistently and easefully fills your own cup through timeless Ayurvedic practices. Now you feel spacious, radiant and energized even when showing up for multiple clients and projects. 
The deep wisdom of your body guides you towards healthful prosperity.

So, what are you waiting for? Applications for my November 2024 Cohort are open now. 

It is time to STOP letting self-doubt hold you back and stop standing in the side while other coaches and practitioners rise using half-baked tools and zero ethics. 

And instead imagine waking up knowing you have fulfilled your dream of being the sought out healer with a full practice of clients that rave about your work, feeling excited, confident and ready to show-up fully for them with unwavering belief healing is possible regardless of their circumstance.

The time is now.

Follow the desires that seek you, apply now.



"I felt enabled in this program. It was really the first time in my life I felt guided and led to determine my own destiny, while also feeling free from pressures to achieve any type of perfection. There is so much richness in this course and the knowledge was shared in a way that was both tender and passionate. I feel empowered. Take this course if you want to understand the science of how we can return to ourselves and the deep knowing that lives within us. We are creatures of this Earth that deserve to have access to the deepest parts of our power of health and creation through a relationship with the Earth, and this course is a guiding light in the re-formation of that relationship. So much of the world today has been built to sever those ties that we feel with the Earth, with nature, with the elements, and those lessons and relationships are the pure core of these Ayurvedic teachings and this core. I recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to reintroduce themselves to that ancient knowing that is within all of us. It is within us, it is powerful, it is worth reclaiming, and this course offers the tools to help more of us rediscover it." Michelle Johnson, Researcher | Brooklyn, USA

"The gift of receiving Niv's intimate and personal guidance, truth and grace is absolutely priceless. This is hard to find. I am grateful for connecting to an ancient wisdom of inner knowing and healing that I can continue to cultivate within myself and share with those around me. I am grateful for lifelong resources. I am grateful for the new ideas blossoming, work opportunities, knowing I have this support. I am grateful I showed up, invested in myself, and committed to myself. This is already rippling out professionally." - Tess D, Holistic Health Business Owner | Koh Tao, Thailand

"Niv set the tone for each meeting and the entire course beautifully and always showed up in rawness and truth. She invited us to do the same without judgement, always. I’m forever grateful for the realizations and learning I was able to have in the container with the help of her guidance. Also, how to use this massive plethora of wisdom and experiences to help other people get closer to themselves and achieve their personal health goals. The gift of feeling more confident in being able to share with the world in a way that heals and nurtures. If you are ready to challenge yourself, help others and elevate - this is for you." - Kat Merritt, Teacher | Los Angeles, USA

"This entire course has been a gift, it has challenged me in so many ways. I learnt to prioritize showing up for myself with gentleness, compassion and love. But not just for myself, but others too. I have been gifted with a container that is supportive and accepting, and an ancient wisdom that has helped me connect deeper with myself and nature. My inner compass is fine tuning. It hasn't been easy, there has been a lot of chaos - but this course has helped bring me back to myself again and again and now this gets to ripple outwards. I spent money on a lot of things this year, and this was by far the best investment. I'd do it all over again! Ayurveda was more than I could've imagined, there is something incredible for everyone. The science itself, and taught by a teacher like Niv, is what makes this course truly so special. If you are reading this, you like me, arrived because something deep inside you resonated. Follow that." - Lu Goldhammer, Yoga Teacher | UK 

"Learning from Niv has gifted me a higher awareness and connection of my physical and mental body. My Yoga Training was like an opening into this world, but this course with Niv took me even deeper into the subtleties of this mind-body connection and how to offer this medicine to others. So much gratitude for this sacred medicine, for these five elements, and how much more connected I feel with my environment. I pay attention to my environment with a whole new lens and now ACTUALLY understand the science of this interconnected cosmos. This level of awareness is priceless and I am already seeing how needed this level of medicine is within my community." - Raissa Mendez, Yoga Teacher | Brazil/China

YES, YES and yes


Are you ready to take your coaching and wellness career to the next level?

Have you been yearning to learn potent therapeutic Ayurvedic skills so you can facilitate mind-body wellbeing and fitness transformations with 10x more results?

Are you ready to elevate your professional practice to see more sustained impact and transformation?

Do you desire deeper fulfillment, connection and wisdom in serving and leading your unique mission in this world?  

YES, YES and yes

Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda? Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?     Why EMBODIED Ayurveda? 

I certify and train you as an Ayurvedic Health Coach so that you can find incredible and sustained success in your wellness career and practices.

Through my signature D.E.V.O.T.I.O.N methodology, I ensure that you don't just receive the authentic technical knowledge - but you also PRACTICALLY attune to the inherent wisdom within you - and sync your own body's intuition to the medicine and principles of Ayurveda.

Unlike other Ayurvedic programs out there, EMBODIED Ayurveda is high-level, intimate and includes group coaching as well as 1:1 mentorship. You might think you need to study from a branded Yoga school or expensive institution in order to do this work, but do not be fooled! None of those provide you with the practical and personalized guidance on HOW TO show up with this wisdom and transform your career. Most even leave out the spiritual and ethical aspects of Ayurveda all together. What you really need is the true embodiment of Ayurveda, tailor-made training and the deep + high touch support from a no-bullshit Indian practitioner. My EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program offers you all three.

There is nothing else out there like this. 

"In AWE of this container. SO grateful to be on this journey with Niv and have such a safe community of support to learn and grow together. I have already shifted so much in my life and already feeling transformed. We're not even half way through the course." - Chris Burnett, USA

"Sharing this journey and space has been POWERFUL. Niv!! THANK YOU!" - Stephie Schramm, Germany

"Okay I have a WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL OF AWARENESS of how I behave, what energetics my anxiety and frustrations are linked to, what is needed to bring more balance into my life. This is sooo so helpful." - Christina Haavardson, Netherlands

"Niv the way you teach, I'm just so appreciative of how you explain everything and you really care that it lands properly. I couldn't imagine learning this from anyone else, really." - Deepa Alam, Australia

"Niv is an absolute gem. I have experienced a deepening of my spiritual practice using the new found knowledge of Ayurveda, Pranayama and meditation. I've been on this journey for years now and I have been able to develop a more consistent practice than ever without judgement. Niv's teachings and powerful space holding abilities create the perfect place to transform and reveal us to new aspects of ourselves." - Kat Merritt, USA

"Niv is particularly special in her ability to bring people together, make them feel safe, and allow them to really connect with one another. She teaches with compassion, and responds to the needs of the group as they come up in each session and throughout the course as a whole. Her deep care for her student's health and well-being, her thorough knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga are always clear in her teaching. Her programs always always deliver." - Cecily Manson, USA

"Working with Niv has been a breath of fresh air because her teaching approach is really balanced: both with structure and flexibility based on the different needs of her students. Personally, I love that. I love that she's so authentic, simply a vessel for wisdom and love. If you're feeling called to join, I ABSOLUTELY suggest that you do." - Frances Smith, USA

"What Niv has put together for us...  it has changed my life. Niv, you are a teacher of life. I admire you deeply. Your education, ancestral code, constant practice, social skills - it is the perfect combination for the work you do. I am so grateful to have received from you. I recommend learning from Niv if you truly want to transform everything you do and how you do it." - Alejandra, Mexico

"I feel so much more clear about my path, my purpose here, how to integrate my spirit and knowledge into the work that I do. Niv delivers on what she promises. I am so so grateful I made the bold decision to jump in. Sooo grateful!!" - Natalia Londono, Colombia



  • The EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program is a high-level + one-of-a-kind certification intensive that takes your health and wellness career to the next level. Get equipped with authentic Ayurvedic principles AS WELL AS receive 1:1 weekly coaching and mentorship so you can SHOW UP with these tools confidently and powerfully.

  • The EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program promises to help you hone your innate therapeutic leadership gifts so that you can successfully elevate your purpose of guiding high-level healing and social impact. 

  • Learn directly from a no-bullshit Indian teacher that has worked with diverse communities across the world - and upgrade your purpose driven career of transformative health coaching.

  • Dive into Yoga’s potent sister science and completely enrich your teachings and practices.

  • With the infusion of Ayurvedic medicine - including holistic nutrition, bioenergetics, plant medicine, seasonal principles, cooking, Vedic philosophy and more - you, your students and your clients are sure to experience 10x more effective and impactful results, performance and mind-body wellness. 

  • No other program out there guides you through personal healing while also teaching you the integral foundations of this most systematic, comprehensive and timeless medicinal science. Receive hands-on practical self-development tools so that the wisdom becomes EMBODIED within you. This is key to shining as a true and powerful health guide. 

  • Join a highly selective container of brilliant, compassionate and ethical thought leaders from across the world, that will support you through this incredible Ayurvedic journey. 


Get on a call now with Niv to learn how this program helps you to stand out as an authentic, professional and confident Ayurvedic Health Coach. Receive coaching around how this certification can upgrade your current wellness practices so you have deeper clarity and courage in your path ahead.

Click the button below and Niv will get back to you within the next 48 hours if she feels like you are a good fit.

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