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step boldly into your mission of facilitating lasting change in this world. Coach clients and loved ones towards 10x more effective and impactful results, performance and mind-body wellness. Feel the confidence and courage to own and cultivate your presence as A go-to holistic Ayurvedic guide.

Level-up your wellness career.

Envision a you that has left behind imposter syndrome when it comes to guiding students and clients. Now you confidently and correctly coach your community towards their optimal wellbeing.

Envision a you that has upgraded the learnings you received from your Yoga Teacher Training with in-depth and practical Ayurvedic and Vedic teachings. Now you powerfully enhance a student's yoga journey and overall agility even outside of that mat.

Envision a you that boldly invests in your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Now you show-up professionally and personally with a whole different level of clarity, glow and leadership. You magnetize students and clients that seek your informed guidance. 

Here is the high-level, authentic and personalized Ayurvedic training you've been looking for.

The EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program is an immersive and intimate 14 week training that certifies you as an Ayurvedic Health Coach.

Hard-working and visionary women! You are READY to switch gears in your career, gain the skills and confidence to up-level your potential impact in this world and live your most purposeful life (professionally and personally) - I SEE YOU! And you're in the right place!

Yoga teachers, holistic health business owners, fitness coaches, mothers, corporate baddies with a heart, chefs and social workers! You want to serve your people with higher level health-care and 10x results - I SEE YOU - and I've got you!

Intelligent and curious women! You believe in an ethical and spiritual life; and are looking for ways to live and inspire others out of the mainstream systems of big pharma, Western medicine that keeps you stuck in spirals of sickness and materialism. Ayurvedic medicine is your answer. 

Stewards of the land! You are seeking ancient medicinal and wisdom systems that can uproot and heal our current paradigms, and serve as medicine for future generations as well. The work you do is incredible, let's UPGRADE IT with the highly intelligent and expansive science of Ayurveda.

Compassionate thought-leaders! You are ready to TRANSFORM YOUR OWN LIVES so that you can transform the lives of others with more potency and integrity. I have your back. I will coach you personally so that you integrate your tailor-made Ayurvedic protocols with consistency and grace while you ALSO study the actual science that informs it all. 


The EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program
is designed to help you step into your mission of
facilitating lasting change in your community.


GET certified now

Learn the integral foundations of the most systematic, comprehensive and timeless medicinal science known to mankind AND also receive weekly 1:1 Ayurvedic coaching and hands-on practical self-development tools.

Are you ready to take your wellness and social impact career to the next level?

Have you been yearning to learn potent Ayurvedic and Yogic Coaching skills so you can facilitate health and fitness transformations with 10x more results?

Are you ready to become the go-to holistic health professional in your community?

Do you desire deeper confidence, clarity and purpose in serving and leading your unique mission in this world?  

YES, YES and yes

Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda? Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?  Why EMBODIED Ayurveda?     Why EMBODIED Ayurveda? 

I certify and train you as an Ayurvedic Health Coach so that you can find incredible and sustained success in your wellness career and practices.

Through my signature D.E.V.O.T.I.O.N methodology, I ensure that you don't just receive the authentic technical knowledge - but you also PRACTICALLY attune to the inherent wisdom within you - and sync your own body's intuition to the medicine and principles of Ayurveda.

Unlike other Ayurvedic programs out there, EMBODIED Ayurveda is high-level, intimate and includes group coaching as well as 1:1 mentorship. You might think you need to study from a branded Yoga school or expensive institution in order to do this work, but do not be fooled! None of those provide you with the practical and personalized guidance on HOW TO show up with this wisdom and transform your life. Most even leave out the spiritual and ethical aspects of Ayurveda all together. What you really need is the true embodiment of Ayurveda, the confidence in your innate guidance skills and the deep support from a no-bullshit Indian practitioner. My EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program offers you all three.

There is nothing else out there like this. 

"In AWE of this container. SO grateful to be on this journey with Niv and have such a safe community of support to learn and grow together. I have already shifted so much in my life and already feeling transformed. We're not even half way through the course."

"Sharing this journey and space has been POWERFUL. Niv!! THANK YOU!"

"Okay I have a WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL OF AWARENESS of how I behave, what energetics my anxiety and frustrations are linked to, what is needed to bring more balance into my life. This is sooo so helpful."

"Niv the way you teach, I'm just so appreciative of how you explain everything and you really care that it lands properly. I couldn't imagine learning this from anyone else, really."

"Niv is an absolute gem. I have experienced a deepening of my spiritual practice using the new found knowledge of Ayurveda, Pranayama and meditation. I've been on this journey for years now and I have been able to develop a more consistent practice than ever without judgement. Niv's teachings and powerful space holding abilities create the perfect place to transform and reveal us to new aspects of ourselves."

"Niv is particularly special in her ability to bring people together, make them feel safe, and allow them to really connect with one another. She teaches with compassion, and responds to the need of the group as they come up in each session and throughout the course as a whole. Her deep care for her student's health and well-being, her thorough knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga are always clear in her teaching."

"Working with Niv has been a breath of fresh air because her teaching approach is really balanced: both with structure and flexibility based on the different needs of her students. Personally, I love that. I love that she's so authentic, simply a vessel for wisdom and love. If you're feeling called to join, I ABSOLUTELY suggest that you do."

"What Niv has put together for us...  it has changed my life. Niv, you are a teacher of life. I admire you deeply. Your education, ancestral code, constant practice, social skills - it is the perfect combination for the work you do. I am so grateful to have received from you."

"I feel so much more clear about my path, my purpose here, how to integrate my spirit and knowledge into the work that I do. Niv delivers on what she promises. I am so so grateful I made the bold decision to jump in. Sooo grateful!!"



  • The EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program is a high-level + one-of-a-kind certification intensive that takes your health and wellness career to the next level. Get equipped with authentic Ayurvedic principles AS WELL AS receive 1:1 weekly coaching and mentorship so you can SHOW UP with these tools and INTEGRATE the teachings yourself.

  • The EMBODIED Ayurveda Certification Program promises to help you hone your innate therapeutic leadership gifts so that you can confidently and successfully live your purpose of guiding high-level healing and social impact. 

  • Learn directly from a no-bullshit Indian teacher that has worked with diverse communities across the world - and become initiated into the purpose driven career of transformative health coaching.

  • Dive into Yoga’s potent sister science and upgrade your teachings and practices entirely.

  • With the infusion of Ayurvedic medicine - including holistic nutrition, bioenergetics, plant medicine, seasonal principles, cooking, Vedic philosophy and more - you, your students and your clients are sure to experience 10x more effective and impactful results, performance and mind-body wellness. 

  • No other program out there guides you through personal healing while also teaching you the integral foundations of this most systematic, comprehensive and timeless medicinal science. Receive hands-on practical self-development tools so that the wisdom becomes EMBODIED within you. This is key to shining as a true and powerful Ayurvedic guide. 

  • Join a highly selective container of brilliant, compassionate and ethical thought leaders from across the world, that will support you through this incredible Ayurvedic journey. 


Get on a call now with Niv to learn how this program helps you to stand out as an authentic, professional and confident Ayurvedic Health Coach. Receive coaching around how this certification can upgrade your current wellness practices so you have deeper clarity and courage in your path ahead.

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The course fees is 5,799 USD. There is no other certification program out there that provides you with this level of mentorship, education and personalized healthcare at this cost. Are you ready to commit? We begin Jan 2024. Payment plans are available. apply to learn more.

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